Le Conte 10ft Cantilever Patio Umbrella

The best 10ft cantilever umbrella for the summer season should be one that can resist water and ultraviolet rays while also being easy to assemble and adjust. Le Conte makes an outstanding large cantilever umbrella that will create more shade outside your home during the summer.

The Le Conte large cantilever umbrella features a functional design whilst being durable and easy to use. It offers great protection for your family from the hot summer sun.

Features of the Le Conte 10ft Cantilever Umbrella

The Le Conte 10ft cantilever umbrella is a traditional cantilever umbrella with an offset base and a crank handle to wind the umbrella open and closed. The umbrella is well-suited for use in your backyard and is ideal for a patio, pool deck umbrella or grassed area.  The octagon canopy is large enough to cover an outdoor table with a seating capacity of 4 -6 people, or a small outdoor seating area

The canopy is supported by eight ribs to extend its body to the perfect octagon shape.  It is designed with vents on the top to allow air to circulate. The vents also enhance the wind resistance inside the umbrella to prevent the umbrella from shifting.

The umbrella features a dark brown pole and crossbar support base. The Le Conte large cantilever umbrella can be purchased with the canopy in one of five colors – beige, brick red, navy blue, pine green and brown/wood color.

Top Rated Le Conte Patio Umbrella

Functional, durable design and easy to use

Long-Lasting Canopy

The premium-grade canopy fabric is designed to be durable and resist fading.  It features five separate polyester layers meshed together for enhanced UV protection.  The weatherproof polyester canopy also resists rainfall and is waterproof in light to moderate rain.

Not only is your large cantilever umbrella colorfast and resistant to fading but it blocks harmful UV rays offering great sun protection for your family.  Being shaded from the sun you will feel comfortably cool sitting under your umbrella.  To ensure the longevity of your canopy, the manufacturers recommend that it is closed when not in use and there is a strap included to secure it when it is closed.  Using an outdoor umbrella cover will also help to preserve the canopy fabric.

Sturdy Construction For Safety 

The anti-rust, powder coated iron poles are about 25 percent thicker than what you’d find on some other models offering strong support. However, some of the fittings are made of plastic which may not be as durable in stronger winds.  The use of plastic parts in combination with the iron frame keeps the umbrella at a reasonable weight of around 40lb (18kg).  If the umbrella is left open in stronger, gusty winds these plastic parts may break.  It is always recommended to close the umbrella when it is not in use.

The crossbar base does offer good support, however may not provide the extra stability needed for windy days.  Additional base weights can be purchased separately or concrete pavers or sand bags can be added to the base for greater stability.

Easy to Use

Part of what makes this Le Conte umbrella a great option for a 10ft cantilever umbrella is the ease with which you can assemble the umbrella and adjust it as the sun moves. Full instructions for assemble are included and easy to follow and seems to take 10 – 20 minutes to set up.   It is possible to do with one person, but having a second person able to assist may make the assembly easier. 

The umbrella features five adjustment levels to tilt the canopy at different angles, with a simple sliding handle.  Opening and closing the umbrella is simple with the easy-to-use crank handle which makes storing the umbrella when it’s not in use a simple operation, although some have recommended keeping a step nearby if you are are not so tall.

With a quality canopy design that resists water and offers UV protection, this Le Conte 10ft cantilever umbrella is one to be considered for your backyard.  Simple and easy to use, with features designed to increase wind resistance, it will provide added shade where you need it most at a budget friendly price.

Le Conte - The Best Cantilever Patio Umbrella Under $200

10ft canopy – 5 separate polyester layers meshed together for durability and enhanced UV protection

Key Features

  • 10ft octagonal canopy
  • vents on top of the canopy
  • anti-rust, powder coated frame
  • 5 canopy tilt settings
  • 8 ribs support canopy
  • crank and tilt handle mechanism
Le Conte 10ft Cantilever Patio Umbrella


  • User-friendly instruction manual allows for easy assembly
  • Canopy blocks UV rays, resists fading and is water resistant
  • Weather resistant construction to maintain it’s appearance
  • Substantial powder-coated iron frame for stability and durability
  • Additional base weights available for purchase
  • Customers experienced prompt, helpful customer support


  • Crossbar base will definitely benefit from additional weights
  • Plastic parts are not designed to resist strong winds
  • The warranty only lasts for 90 days

The Verdict

The Le Conte large cantilever umbrella is a great patio umbrella for general backyard use. The umbrella provides a large area of cool shade, is durable and offers some resistance to windy conditions, especially when the base is improved by added weights.  It is very easy to assemble and simple to use with its easy turn crank handle and sliding tilt adjustments.

Ideal for your patio table, pool deck or other open space in the backyard this 10ft cantilever umbrella will provide a cool, shaded place in your backyard to protect you and your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Le Conte 10ft Cantilever Patio Umbrella

Create shade to make the best use of your backyard this summer