To properly secure your patio umbrella there are a few factors that need to be considered. A patio umbrella is such a practical addition to your outdoor space, and there are a few simple tips to ensure it lasts in your backyard.  The hassle of unpredictable weather means you need to know how to correctly secure your base to prevent the umbrella from being damaged by storms or strong gusts of wind. Using an outdoor umbrella cover, in combination with a secure base, will also help to maintain your outdoor umbrella in its best condition.  Check out our tips below for how to safely stabilize your umbrella so you can relax and enjoy your outdoor area.

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Our guide below explains how to secure a patio umbrella with some of the different bases and sizes that are easily available and simple to use.   Remember though, even with your umbrella secured with the best umbrella base, it is still recommended to close your umbrella when it is not in use and to protect it with an outdoor umbrella cover.

How to Secure a Cantilever Umbrella

Outdoor cantilever umbrellas do require significant base weights to keep them secure in different weather conditions.  Because cantilever umbrellas are generally quite heavy the base needs to be able to stabilise the umbrella.  There are a variety of ways to do this:

  1. Purchase a ready made base that can be filled with sand, water or both to add the necessary weight.  These bases are readily available and cost effective.  Many umbrella manufacturers produce bases specifically designed for their umbrellas and they fit snuggly over the cross bar base of the umbrella.  Some have wheels to move them around, although they will be heavy when filled.   These bases do require a bit of space so be sure to allow for this when planning for your outdoor umbrella.
  2. If your outdoor cantilever umbrella is going to be a permanent fixture and you have some DIY skills, you can anchor the base directly to your patio or deck.  Alternatively, underground patio anchors are also available for securing your cantilever umbrella and these can be ideal for use underneath a paved area.
  3. For a simple DIY way of securing your umbrella, some people have found outdoor pavers positioned over the cross bars of the umbrella base are sufficient but you would want to be sure you are providing enough weight for the specific canopy size of your umbrella. And be sure that the pavers don’t get moved around or repositioned.
  4. Another alternative is sand bags.  Gravipod provides durable, sandbags specifically designed to add weight to outdoor umbrellas, so if you find your base is not quite doing the job, adding a bit of extra weight with a well-designed sandbag could be an option. 

Our recommendation would be for a specifically designed cantilever umbrella base if it is not being permanently bolted in place.

How to Secure a Centre Pole Umbrella

Centre pole umbrellas or market umbrellas are a great option for shading a couple of sun lounges on a pool deck or an outdoor table with an umbrella hole in the center.  It is important to note though that having an umbrella through a hole in a table does not provide the support to adequately secure a patio umbrella.  A strong gust of wind can easily pick up an outdoor umbrella and send it flying through the air.

If you are wondering how to secure a patio umbrella with a centre pole it does depend on whether it is freestanding or in a table.  A freestanding umbrella requires and weighted stand whereas an umbrella in a table may just need a base weight to secure it.  

A specifically designed umbrella stand with sufficient weight that allows the umbrella pole to be securely screwed in place is a popular option for center pole umbrellas.  These bases are often made of durable plastic (to be filled with sand or water), resin or steel.  There are also stylish planter box designs available that would make a unique addition to your outdoor area and some bases have the option of a table that fits snuggly around the pole.  

In thinking about how to secure a patio umbrella you don’t have to ignore appearance and design.  The colour and style of the best umbrella base for your patio will be one that will firstly be practical and functional but secondly think about whether you want it to subtly blend in or be a unique statement piece.  Also consider the material the base is constructed with and if it will be resistant to corrosion and durable given the environment it will be in.

Tips For Securing Your Patio Umbrella

  • Decide on the location for your outdoor umbrella before you fill the base.  Placing the pole of a cantilever umbrella towards the setting sun may offer the best options for shade. 
  • Fill the umbrella weights in the place you want them to be positioned – they do get heavy and are difficult to move once full, although wheels can make this easier.
  • If you have a base that requires filling with water and you live somewhere where the water in the base is likely to freeze in winter, you may want to allow a little room for expansion of the water as it freezes or add antifreeze.
  • Filling with water will be easier to empty than sand, but may not provide the necessary weight.
  • Consider if your base will be in a high traffic area as this may affect the style of base you decide on.

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