Are you looking to purchase the Abba Solar Powered Umbrella for your backyard, pool deck or other open space? It’s stylish design is combined with durable canopy fabric and sturdy frame materials. The umbrella is easy to assemble and simple to use with the crank and tilt mechanism allowing for easy adjustment between the six tilt angles.

When spring arrives we all start thinking about how we can create a pleasant and enjoyable backyard for the summer that is to come.  Choosing the right shade option is important for those summer months to provide protection from the sun and a cool space to relax and entertain. This is where our cantilever umbrella review can help guide you. 

The right type and size of umbrella is an important element to create a fantastic backyard ambiance and the 11 foot patio umbrella with solar lights by Abba adds to both the daytime and night time functionality of your backyard. Let’s have a look at the specifics of this umbrella.

patio umbrella with solar lights

Abba Patio 11ft Umbrella With Solar Lights

Features of the Abba Solar Powered Umbrella

Abba Patio is a popular brand in the outdoor marketplace. In this section of our cantilever umbrella reviews, we’re going to take you through some of the key features of the Abba 11 foot patio umbrella with solar lights. This will help you to determine if this umbrella is the right one for your backyard living space.

Size and Shape

Concerning size, the Abba Solar Powered Umbrella is designed to shade two lounge chairs placed side by side or a six-person round table. The umbrella offers up to 95 square feet of shaded space, which offers good cover for small outdoor gatherings.

This Abba 11ft cantilever umbrella can be used for both home and commercial purposes. It is suitable for balconies, pools, restaurants, and other outdoor settings.

The solar-powered lamp is a unique design feature.  It is powered by a solar panel on top of the pole and you control when the light turns on and off with the flick of a switch. Your outdoor entertaining can easily drift from day to night as the light fades.


The Abba brand is known for its stylish, simple, yet functional designs, when producing outdoor umbrellas. The Abba Solar Powered Umbrella looks like a regular cantilever umbrella with the offset base and tilting canopy.  It utilises a simple crank and tilt mechanism for opening, closing and adjusting the canopy.


The 11ft cantilever umbrella consists of a 3.4 ft cross base, a rust-free powder coated aluminium rod and 8 steel ribs.  The powder coated aluminium rod is designed to resist corrosion, chipping and peeling making the umbrella appreciably durable.  This all equates to a great cantilever umbrella that is well made and finished.


As you will find in many umbrella reviews, this cantilever umbrella review found that there is a need to provide additional base weights.  The base shown in the picture is not included with the product, however it can be purchased separately.  The majority of users highly recommended having additional base weights or mounting the umbrella directly onto a deck.


The fabric used in manufacturing the Abba cantilever canopy is made from polyester fabric that has been recycled and solution-dyed. The implication of this is a more resilient color, especially when compared with dyed fibres. The fabric is water-proof and offers 98% protection from UV rays. This makes it an excellent choice to protect your family and guest whilst you enjoy being outdoors. Be aware that the color of the canopy will affect how much light filters through.  A lighter colour will allow for more light diffusion.

Another fantastic feature of the 11ft cantilever umbrella is that there is a vent at the top of the canopy. This has two purposes. Firstly, it allows heat to escape making it quite cool to be seated in the shade underneath.  Secondly, the wind can flow through helping to improve the wind resistance. 

It is recommended to fold your umbrella and secure it with the enclosed strap when it’s not in use to protect it from sudden storms or strong winds.  Using an outdoor umbrella cover will also help your umbrella to last longer.

Ease of Use

This simplicity of the Abba 11ft cantilever umbrella makes it easy to assemble and use. It is recommended to have two people for the assembly process as it is quite heavy.  A quick tip when setting up the umbrella is to position the pole facing towards sundown as this will allow for better shading in the afternoon sun by tilting the canopy.

The Abba solar powered umbrella uses a crank mechanism to open and close the cantilever umbrella.  The crank operation is smooth making it simple to open when needed and close when not in use.  Having a stool nearby can be helpful for shorter people when closing the umbrella and covering it up.  It is recommended to keep the umbrella closed and covered when not in use to ensure its longevity.

The canopy can be positioned at 6 different angles and is easily adjusted as the sun moves with the handle on the pole.

The Abba Patio 11ft Cantilever Umbrella

A great choice for your backyard

Feature Summary

  • powder coated aluminium rod
  • 8 steel ribs
  • 11’ canopy diameter
  • solar powered central light
  • solution-dyed polyester canopy fabric 
  • 6 angles of shading
  • includes an umbrella cover
popular cantilever umbrella


  • weather resistant canopy that is water repellant, offers UV protection and is made with fade-resistant fabric
  • effortless to open and close with the crank-lift mechanism that slides and locks into position
  • stylish design providing a large shaded area
  • vented canopy helps with wind resistance and allows warm air to escape
  • wide range of tilting options to allow you to maximise the shade provided by the large canopy
  • easy to assemble


  • base weights are not supplied but highly recommended
  • canopy is fixed and doesn’t rotate

The Verdict

If you are looking to provide shade for your backyard or around a pool deck, this 11 foot patio umbrella with solar lights is an amazing choice.  In a cantilever umbrella review, it is important to consider the price and this is a more expensive umbrella, however most users consider it to be worth the investment because of its durability, sturdy construction and stylish design.  It provides a large area of shade, and having the light gives it that extra functionality to allow you to enjoy your outdoor space day and night.  The Abba solar powered umbrella will be a great choice to encourage your family to relax and enjoy being in the backyard this summer.

The Abba Solar Powered Umbrella

Comfortably entertain from day to night.