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The Best Cantilever Umbrella

Choosing the best cantilever umbrella for your outdoor area will allow you to enjoy the outdoors in summer, whilst being protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It’s recommended to consider how the umbrella will be used, the space it is intended to protect and the various sizes, colors and features of outdoor umbrellas to make sure that the one you choose will ideally suit your outdoor space.

Many people are opting for cantilever umbrellas – or offset umbrellas – because they are stylish, versatile, adjustable and simply gorgeous.  There are a wide range of cantilever umbrellas to choose from, including umbrellas with solar lights, so you should be able to easily find one that is right for your backyard, to protect your family and friends this summer. 

Before you start dreaming about relaxing under one of these practical and luxurious umbrellas on your pool deck, let’s see what is available. Whether you need a bigger umbrella or just a small one, round, square or rectangular there are plenty of different models (and colors) to choose from.

You may already have a standard centre pole umbrella or be tossing up between the two different styles.  Is an offset or cantilever umbrella any better? We think so. It is such a smart design, great for so many settings in your backyard.

5 Reasons To Choose A Cantilever Umbrella

Here is why you may consider getting a cantilever umbrella for your home’s outdoor area.

1. If you have a table with an umbrella hole in the middle, a centre pole umbrella may suffice, but many outdoor tables don’t have an umbrella hole, especially square or rectangular tables.

2. The pole of the cantilever umbrella is positioned off to one side (offset), which allows you to use the space underneath the canopy more efficiently. If you don’t have a lot of room, you can position your offset umbrella on the edge of your patio balcony and the tilting canopy can shade your area as the sun moves. Always be sure to allow floor space for the umbrella base.

3. Cantilever umbrellas are very stylish and contemporary in design which may be more appropriate for creating the right outdoor atmosphere in your backyard.

4.  The orientation of your backyard in relation to the sun may mean that a cantilever umbrella, with the flexibility of multiple tilt positions, may give you much better sun protection throughout the day.

5.  If you have a home based business, purchasing the best cantilever umbrella may be an easy and effective way to create a classy, comfortable outdoor office space for meetings with your clients or conducting some routine daily tasks. Your patio may be more conducive to creative thinking, brainstorming and sharing ideas than your home office and it’s beneficial to have time each day out in the fresh air.

Exposure to nature reduces stress and can also increase your focus and attention to what you are doing. According to the IACC research, 63% of meeting planners consider outdoor space at a meeting venue as important, and 86% look for meeting rooms that are designed to foster creativity.  A heavy-duty cantilever umbrella may be just what you need to convert your outdoor space into a productive working environment.

Finding The Best Cantilever Umbrella

If you are looking for an outdoor umbrella that is unique, durable, adjustable, and requires very little maintenance, we’re here to help. To pick the best offset umbrella that will suit your needs, ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • What size cantilever umbrella do I need?
  • What shape and color do I want?
  • What frame and canopy materials should I choose?
  • What is my budget?

You may find that choosing the best cantilever umbrella is not an easy task.  We have researched and reviewed a number of offset umbrellas, considering their features to answer the above questions as well as highlighting any unique, additional features that may help you decide on the one that you really want.

Our Top 3 Picks

Best DeluxeBest OverallBest Rectangular
Purple Leaf Round Cantilever UmbrellaBest Cantilever Umbrella Le Conte 10ft
Purple Leaf Cantilever UmbrellaLe Conte Cantilever UmbrellaAbba Patio Rectangular Umbrella
various large round umbrella sizes
6 canopy colours
3yr warranty on canopy
360 degree rotation
6 tilt positions
double-top vented canopy
10ft round umbrella
premium, multilayered canopy fabric
grade 4 colorfastness
5 tilt positions
easy to use crank and tilt mechanism
various sizes of rectangular canopy
solution-dyed color fading canopy to 1000UV hours
dual vented canopy
6 tilt positions
option of solar lights
323 reviews
493 reviews
404 reviews
check price of outdoor umbrellascheck price of outdoor umbrellascheck price of outdoor umbrellas

This Purple Leaf round umbrella is one of the best cantilever umbrellas to provide a generous amount of shading. It is available in a 10ft, 11ft or 12ft canopy, ideal for a 60” – 84” table.  It is fully adjustable, very easy to use and constructed with top quality, durable materials.  The large coverage means that if you have more than just a friend or two dropping in for drinks and a chat, you will love this stylish umbrella.


This UV resistant canopy (rated UV50 plus) is made from strengthened polyester that is water-repellant and is designed to be colorfast.  It is one of the few umbrellas with a 3 year warranty on the canopy and is designed to protect you and your family on sunny days and rainy days.

This cantilever umbrella features a large, double-vented canopy.  The double-top design allows heat to escape keeping you cool, and provides for wind venting to reduce the resistance of the umbrella canopy.  This is one of those features that you may not appreciate until you get the double-top umbrella and see the benefits.

The ability to rotate the canopy of the umbrella 360 degrees makes it, in our opinion, one of the best cantilever umbrellas. The umbrella is easy to rotate and easy to tilt with 6 different adjustable tilt positions. You can adjust it to your hearts content with the easy to operate crank mechanism to open, close and tilt the canopy, giving you protection throughout the day as the sun gets lower in the sky.

As with all cantilever umbrellas, you must assemble it correctly and ensure the base is stabilised either by bolting it to the floor or purchasing additional base weights. The basic stand that it comes with is not designed to keep it steady, however this is the case with nearly all cantilever umbrellas. Additional base weights are necessary to provide stability. It is also recommended to close the canopy when not in use to protect it from wind damage.


Our Verdict:

This offset umbrella is considered to be as good as some outdoor umbrellas twice its price. It is a perfect choice for people who have a large area to cover or for someone looking for a quality umbrella to make their outdoor space more usable and comfortable  in the heat of summer.  Remember this offset umbrella is really big so although it is heavy and sturdy, it should not be used in very strong winds and it will need additional base weights to keep it steady.


  • 10ft, 11ft or 12ft round double-top canopy
  • highly adjustable: 360-degree rotation and 6-angle tilt
  • crank handle mechanism
  • canopy fabric is UV resistant, water repellant and colorfast – 3 year warranty
  • 6 canopy colors
  • alloy steel ribs and aluminum pole with an anti-oxidation coating


  • easy to assemble and easy to use
  • sturdy and durable
  • strong, high-quality, easy to clean fabric
  • great coverage
  • flexibility of coverage by rotation the canopy


  • base weights not included

Give your backyard a resort style feel with this Grand Patio Deluxe Napoli cantilever umbrella.  It is stylish and functional with a generous 11ft or 12ft round canopy, in either champagne or brick red, and will make a great addition to any outdoor space.


The umbrella frame – the pole and the canopy ribs – are made of powder-coated aluminum, that is rust-free.  Both the frame and the canopy are made to last. The UV protected canopy material is made of a heavy-duty recycled polyester that is double-coated, designed to be water and fade resistant.  This canopy of this versatile offset umbrella can be adjusted and set at different angles. The large coverage area is another bonus, and the neutral color blends well with most backyards.

A durable aluminium crank, with an ergonomically designed handle allows you to open and close the umbrella with ease, and then lock it at any position. It is an easy patio umbrella to assemble, especially with the video or written instructions provided by the manufacturer. As with most of the best cantilever umbrellas, it is recommended to close the umbrella when not in use to prevent damage from strong winds.

The umbrella base has adjustable safety bars that enable it to stand quite stably, even on uneven ground. Filling the base (which is included) with sand or water, is a little tedious but adds stability and makes this one of the best cantilever umbrella options as many do not include the additional weighted base. The base has wheels (well-hidden, too, a nice surprise for unaware buyers), so it’s easy to move into the right position before filling.

Our Verdict:

This cantilever umbrella is loved for its stylish look, functionality and high quality, durable construction. It is safe, robust, versatile and will suit many outdoor spaces. The durable construction should ensure the canopy lasts whilst the large canopy space provides great shade over a pool, patio or outdoor table.  It is easy to use with the ergonomic crank handle and being able to tilt the canopy at any angle ensures maximum shading can be achieved.


  • aluminium, powder-coated frame
  • UV protected, water and fade resistant canopy
  • 11ft, 12ft round canopy in 2 colours
  • adjustable up to 90 degrees
  • crank and tilt handle opening mechanism
  • durable, sturdy, high quality PE base
  • safety bars with adjusting levellers
  • base has wheels for moving around


  • great value for money, good quality
  • safe, sturdy and versatile
  • easy to assemble and operate
  • large coverage area
  • quality materials, designed to last
  • you can wheel it around


  • the base may leak if filled with water, sand is a better option
  • it doesn’t tilt in all directions
  • the canopy does sway a little in the wind

You may decide that the best cantilever umbrella has a rectangular, not octagonal shape. Especially if you have a rectangular outdoor table.  The Abba Patio rectangular umbrella comes in a variety of sizes and provides plenty of shade in any position. In addition to this, it looks awesome in any surroundings.

If you have an open backyard with no tress, you may need to create more shade space for you to relax and your children to play without getting too hot or sunburned. This offset umbrella is ideal if you want to keep your patio or backyard cool and stylish.


The 9ft x 12ft canopy is big enough to shade a large area in your backyard. Two wind vents placed at the top and middle positions of the umbrella double the ventilation and heat dissipation ensuring you stay cool while under the umbrella.

If you are looking for the best offset umbrella you may just love the added feature of a solar light that is available with this umbrella.  Perfect for evening entertaining this solar light, controlled by an on/off switch will provide ambient lighting for you and your guests.

It opens and closes easily with the crank handle and adjusting the position of the canopy can also be easily controlled by the crank handle tilt system.  All you need to do is to push the handle and lock it in the position you choose.  This is ideal to provide shade throughout the day as the sun changes its position.  Protecting the umbrella from damage in storms or strong winds is easy.  It is recommended to close the canopy and put a cover on when not in use.

The offset design and great quality make this one of the best cantilever umbrellas for a variety of different settings, both residential and commercial.  Patios, gardens, decks, pools, or restaurants would all benefit from the shade provided from the Abba Patio rectangular cantilever umbrella.

Once again, the weighted umbrella base is not included with this offset umbrella and needs to be purchased as an additional extra.  It can also be permanently fixed to a deck or patio if required. 


Our Verdict:

With great design, sturdy construction, quality materials and great features, no wonder this Abba Patio offset umbrella is listed as one of best cantilever umbrella options.  It is quite heavy, but assembly can be easily managed by two people in less that half an hour. It might be the perfect fit for your pool deck or patio and will look great in most outdoor spaces.


  • available sizes: 8ft x 12.5ft, 9ft x 12ft
  • 3 colour options
  • Drylac powder coated pole
  • crank and tilt system
  • 5 angles of shading
  • dual vented canopy
  • solution-dyed polyester fabric
  • available with solar lights


  • easy assembly and installation
  • easy to use hand-crank lift design 
  • adjustable tilting makes this umbrella versatile
  • water repellent, fade-resistant (up to 1000UV hours), UV protected polyester fabric
  • sturdy frame will not chip, peel, rust or corrode
  • opening and closing the umbrella is easy using the simple crank-lift mechanism
  • Velcro closure strap


  • weights need to be added to the standard cross base

The best cantilever umbrella is not always the biggest or the most expensive one. If you need a no frills offset umbrella that is safe, practical and inexpensive, check this round Le Conte model. The classic design, available in a variety of colors, is sure to provide a match for your backyard. 

Smart design and quality materials make this offset umbrella a joy to use.  It looks gorgeous in any outdoor area, tilts nicely casting shade over your patio or courtyard and is well worth the money.


The canopy fabric consists of a 5 layer design that is water resistant, UV-resistant and designed to resist fading.  The vented canopy allows air to escape, keeping it cooler underneath and reducing the air pressure from the wind.  As with most outdoor umbrellas, it is recommended to close the umbrella canopy when not in use and the built in strap helps to store it securely.

You can easily open, close and tilt the 10ft round canopy with just the turn of a handle.  A 25% thicker pole, when compared with the average umbrella pole, increases the wind resistance by 30% and makes it more durable. The pole is powder-coated for anti-rust protection and to minimise damage form scratching. 

This umbrella is super easy to install and operate.  You do need to add weights to the base of this umbrella to ensure it is kept upright as the even the best cantilever umbrella is quite heavy and needs to be stabilised.  Bases can be purchased and filled with sand or water or sandbags or concrete pavers can also be used.  If the umbrella is to be a permanent fixture it can be mounted directly to the patio.

Our Verdict:

This may be the best cantilever umbrella for people who do not want to spend a lot of money on their outdoor areas but need a quality umbrella that is reliable and safe to use.  Want to work outside? This umbrella will keep you and your laptop in shade, out of direct sunlight. Easy to assemble and install, well made and durable, this affordable offset umbrella is a winner.


  • 10ft round canopy
  • premium multilayered fabric in 4 colours
  • UV protection, water resistant, Grade 4 colorfastness
  • strong, anti-rust powder coated pole, iron umbrella canopy ribs
  • air outlet on the top of canopy for better heat and air circulation 
  • easy crank and tilt mechanism for opening, closing and tilting
  • 5 tilt adjustments for the canopy


  • versatile, stylish, reliable
  • commercial grade
  • quick and easy assembly
  • easy to use
  • installation video


  • wind may swing canopy
  • some plastic parts
  • weighted base not included

Introducing the top rated cantilever umbrella, it may be the best cantilever umbrella for your backyard.  Available in 9ft or 11ft the Abba Patio round offset umbrella offers the quality and functionality expected from Abba Patio.  This may be the best cantilever umbrella for anyone who wants quality and style without spending too much.


The canopy is available in 6 different colors so complementing your existing outdoor furniture should be easy.  With the 2 sizes available, the 9ft will provide ample shade for a 48” to 60” table whereas the 11ft will be ideal for a 72” to 84” round table comfortably catering for up to 10 guests.

This umbrella is very sturdy and durable, with high quality materials used in the construction.  The frame is powered coated in a bronze finish on both the pole and ribs and is designed to be resistant to rust, corrosion and chipping. The base is sturdy, however, as with all cantilever umbrellas, it does need to be either permanently mounted to the deck or additional base weights need to be purchased to ensure it is stable and will hold the umbrella.  If you bolt the base to the ground, you will never have to worry about your umbrella flying away or falling over.

The umbrella is quite tall and the canopy tilts to 5 different positions, but does not rotate. It’s very easy to raise or lower and adjust the canopy as the position of the sun changes during the day.  The crank handle mechanism allows the umbrella to be opened, closed and tilted with ease.

The canopy is quite large, so it does catch the wind.  The air vents do help to allow air to flow through but it is recommended that the canopy be closed when not in use to prevent damage and to keep your offset umbrella in good shape.


Our Verdict:

If you are looking for plenty of shade, stylish design, quality and value for money then this may be the best cantilever umbrella for you.  The range of colours available make it easy to choose one to suit your backyard and it can be positioned at the right angle to allow you and your guests to enjoy the outdoors in the cool of a shaded umbrella.


  • 9ft, 11ft round canopy
  • 6 colour options
  • crank and tilt mechanism
  • 5 tilt adjustments for the canopy
  • solution-dyed polyester canopy offering 98% UV protection
  • powder coated aluminium pole and ribs, with a bronze finish


  • metal parts resistant to chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion
  • heavy and comes with good hardware
  • vented canopy to allow air flow
  • strap to secure umbrella when closed
  • easy to assemble and operate


  • base weights not included

Looking for a cheap offset umbrella for your backyard, garden or patio? ABC Canopy patio umbrella is the best cantilever umbrella for people on a limited budget who want an umbrella that is reliable, durable and looks great.

This 9ft beauty has everything you may need to impress your friends or make your spouse happy. An attractive accent to your patio, it is also practical as it adds plenty of shade to your outdoor area.

Introducing the top rated cantilever umbrella, it may be the best cantilever umbrella for your backyard.  Available in 9ft or 11ft the Abba Patio round offset umbrella offers the quality and functionality expected from Abba Patio.  This may be the best cantilever umbrella for anyone who wants quality and style without spending too much.


The canopy is water and fade resistant and offers UV protection.  It is available in 12 colors and includes some striped designs.  The lighter colors may be a better option if you are concerned about the colour fading from prolonged sun exposure.  This cantilever umbrella is easy to open and close with the crank handle and you can adjust the tilt to choose the best position to protect you from the sun.  It is always recommended that you close the canopy when not in use to protect it from getting damaged.

With a powder coated frame it is designed to resist rusting, corrosion, chipping or peeling. As with most cantilever umbrellas, additional base weights are needed to keep it from toppling over.

Our Verdict:

This is an awesome offset umbrella for the price. Providing enough shade for two recliners or a 48” to 60” table it is not only practical, but also sturdy and stylish. A great choice, especially if you are looking for a particular colour to match with your outdoor decor.


  • 9ft round canopy
  • 12 colours to choose from
  • easy to open and lift with crank mechanism
  • strong, powder coated pole and frame
  • heavy duty steel cross base for stability
  • canopy made of water and fade resistant polyester fabric with UV protection


  • easy assembly
  • large coverage area
  • great value for money, looks more expensive than it is
  • very heavy and sturdy
  • weather resistant


  • you must use additional base weights or bolt into the deck
  • some plastic parts may be less durable

Trying to find which is the best cantilever umbrella for your backyard will be dependent on how you plan to use your umbrella, your budget and what features you are looking for. When deciding on which model to invest in consider the style, size, color, as well as the frame and canopy materials. It is not just about great looks, remember functionality is equally important.

  • Some models may be more weather resistant – does it matter to you?
  • Some models have additional features eg. solar lighting, 360 degree rotation – do you need them and are they worth the extra cost?

All the cantilever umbrellas share a unique design that has made them so popular.  The offset pole allows the canopy to hang freely, which can mean they will sway a little in the wind.  Most canopies are vented to allow air to flow through, which helps to minimise the wind resistance in the canopy.  The canopy can be tilted, generally from about 45 degrees to an almost vertical position, and then locked into place.  It is recommended to close yor umbrella canopy when not in use and an umbrella cover will help to extend the life of your canopy.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, either socialising or working, you may choose a smaller umbrella just for yourself and a friend or two. If you have a big family, and a great relationship with your friendly neighbours who drop in from time to time, a larger size will be a better choice.  When choosing what size umbrella to buy be sure to measure the space where it will go and also the area that you intend to cover. Our umbrella sizing guide may be helpful.

Depending on the model, cantilever umbrellas come in a range of colors and different shapes.  Generally it looks best to match the shape of your umbrella to the shape of your table for aesthetic purposes.  When choosing a colour, be mindful that lighter colors will generally fade less and allow more diffuse light.  The canopy fabric is very important and the price will often reflect the quality of the canopy fabric.  Different materials have varied characteristics in terms of strength, UV protection, water, mildew and fade resistance. Some offer a warranty and some don’t.  What ever umbrella you choose, investing in an umbrella canopy will help to protect the canopy ensuring it lasts longer.

patio cantilever umbrella

With so many models to choose from, it will be easy to find the best cantilever umbrella for your backyard if you have a checklist of the features you need. Stick to it and you will get the umbrella that fits your bill. Find the right size, shape and color.  Make sure that it is not just gorgeous but practical as well – and soon you will be able to enjoy your new outdoor paradise.

Imagine relaxing with a book, having a drink with friends or shading the pool so the kids can swim for longer.  Perhaps you need a cool spot to sit and enjoy your garden on a hot summer’s day. Whether you are looking for the best cantilever umbrella on a budget or a deluxe model with added features we are sure once purchased you will never look back.

best cantilever patio umbrella

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