The Best Pool Umbrella

Enjoying a hot day by the pool doesn’t mean you have to do it under the harsh sun. Get creative with your outdoor space with a pool deck umbrella and stay perfectly shaded, comfortable and relaxed. We help you choose the right pool umbrella for you, and provide recommendations for the best-value and top-rated pool umbrellas.

A pool umbrella is engineered to protect you from the elements, offering instant shade and allowing you to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool for hours without getting burned to a crisp. It also adds a touch of style to your outdoor space and provides you with your own sheltered and private sanctuary.  An umbrella with solar lights creates a great ambience for summer evening pool parties.

Different types of pool deck umbrellas offer different features and each come with their advantages and disadvantages. Whilst they all offer shade, some umbrellas fare better than others when it comes to style, design, features, durability and maneuverability, climate suitability, price and other add-on options.  Be sure to properly secure your pool umbrella with the right base to protect against strong wind gusts.

So, it’s a good idea to keep the following questions in mind when choosing a pool umbrella for you:

  • What style of umbrella best suits your space?
  • Is it the right size and material?
  • Is it lightweight or heavy-duty?
  • Is the fabric UV-treated?
  • Is the umbrella easy to assemble, open and close?
  • Can it be tilted and rotated?
  • In addition to the sun, can it also withstand wind and rain?
  • Will the colour fade over time?
  • Is a base stand required and does it come with one?
best outdoor pool umbrella

Our Top 3 Picks

Highly RatedBest OverallBudget Friendly
Pool Umbrellas Abba Patio Round Center PoleBest pool umbrella Sunnyglade Round Center Pole
Best Choice Cantilever UmbrellaAbba Patio Center Pole UmbrellaSunnyglade Center Pole Umbrella
10ft round umbrella
solar powered LED lights
360 degree rotation
cover included
9ft round umbrella
durable, waterproof canopy
velcro strap closure
100% recycled polyester canopy
easy to use crank and tilt mechanism
9ft round umbrella
1 year warranty
push button to tilt canopy
easy to use

556 reviews
880 reviews
3564 reviews
check price of outdoor umbrellasPool Umbrellas Abba Patio Round Center PoleBest pool umbrella Sunnyglade Round Center Pole

To help you choose a suitable umbrella, read on for a guide of our recommended pool deck umbrellas that we’ve selected based on their popularity, price and features, along with a comprehensive buyer’s guide and our top choice of pool umbrella.

Pool Deck Umbrella – Centre Pole

Abba Patio 9ft Round – Top Rated Pool Umbrella Under $100

The patio umbrella by Abba Patio is the highest-rated pool deck umbrella in our guide. This 9-ft umbrella uses a 100% recycled polyester canopy that’s not only eco-friendly but also highly durable, completely waterproof, and resistant to UV and colorfading. Its iron pole and steel ribs are powder coated for rust resistance, and it comes with Velcro straps that wrap around the closed umbrella to keep it secure when not in use. The canopy is vented, allowing air to flow through it and giving it more stability in the wind. You can also choose from several colours and striped designs to suit your outdoor theme.

Putting this umbrella together is easy and smooth with a screw-in pole design. It’s also easy to use with a crank system to raise and lower the canopy, along with a push button to tilt the umbrella. It shades very well, although we note the darker shades trap more heat. The umbrella has some weight to it, so we recommend you use a good base stand. A base isn’t included with this umbrella, but Abba Patio offers a variety of bases to suit your needs and tastes that you can buy separately.

Our Verdict:

You can’t go wrong with this pool umbrella—it virtually ticks all the boxes. Provided you use a sturdy base to keep it in place, it will stay looking good and keep you protected from the elements for years to come.


  • 9-ft diameter market umbrella (8.2’ height)
  • 100% recycled polyester fabric canopy
  • Rust-resistant 1.5” diameter heavy-gauge iron pole
  • Crank mechanism to open and close
  • Press and push button to tilt
  • Velcro strap closure
  • Vented canopy for airflow
Pool Umbrellas Abba Patio Round Center Pole


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Waterproof
  • Can withstand sun and wind
  • Long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly


  • Base stand not included

Sunnyglade 9ft Round – Most Popular Pool Deck Umbrella Under $50

If you need a pool umbrella but you’re on a budget, consider Sunnyglade’s patio umbrella. This 9-ft umbrella comes in six color options and a 100% polyester canopy, ensuring it stays waterproof from pool splashes and rain. Its powder-coated aluminum pole is rust-resistant, and air vent on top allows wind and heat to pass through and keep the umbrella stable.

The crank and tilt mechanism makes this umbrella easy to adjust at any angle as the sun moves throughout the day. Whilst its sleek and minimal design has appeal, its lightweight build makes it less resistant to winds, and the fabric isn’t UV treated and therefore susceptible to fading. You’ll also need to purchase a base separately and Sunnyglade offers two matching base designs to choose from in that regard.

Our Verdict:

If you need easy and lightweight cover without having to spend a fortune, this pool umbrella is easily affordable and does the job.


  • 9-ft diameter market umbrella
  • Polyester fabric canopy
  • Rust-resistant aluminum pole
  • Crank mechanism to open and close
  • Press and push button to tilt
  • Vented canopy for airflow
Best pool umbrella Sunnyglade Round Center Pole


  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with one-year warranty


  • Less resistant to wind
  • Prone to fading
  • No Velcro or tie strap to keep it closed
  • Base stand not included

Blissun 9ft Round – Great Value Pool Umbrella

The outdoor aluminum patio umbrella by Blissun offers 9 feet of sun protection in nine color choices. The canopy is made of lightweight polyester and is supported with a rust-free, powder-coated aluminium pole and steel ribs. The crank handle makes for easy opening and closing, and a push button enables you to tilt the canopy to accommodate the sun’s changing position. An air vent enables wind and heat to flow through its top and prevent the canopy from inverting.

Although not mentioned in the specs, we were pleased to find a tie closure was included to help keep the umbrella neatly tucked away when folded down. We note the canopy material is shinier and thinner than other pool deck umbrellas, and as such it lets a little more sunlight through and is prone to fading. Its pole and ribs are also thinner than other umbrella structures, which can affect its ability to withstand stronger weather conditions. The base stand isn’t included with the umbrella, but Blissun offers a variety of matching bases as an additional purchase if needed.

Our Verdict:

This pool umbrella comes with all the essentials (minus the base) you need in an umbrella and offers a wide range of colorful designs to help you achieve the perfect outdoor look for your pool area.


  • 9-ft market round umbrella (8.16’ height)
  • Polyester canopy
  • Rust-resistant aluminum pole and steel ribs
  • Crank mechanism to open and close
  • Press and push button to tilt
  • Tie closure
  • Vented canopy for airflow
Blissun 9ft Round swimming pool umbrella


  • Easy to assemble
  • Withstands wind and rain
  • Adjustable/removable rings for different pole sizes


  • Less sturdy frame
  • Prone to fading
  • Base stand not included

Pool Umbrella – Cantilever

Grand Patio’s Deluxe Napoli 11ft, 12ft Round- Best Large Pool Umbrella

If lots of shade cover is what you’re after, check out Grand Patio’s Deluxe Napoli 11 FT curvy aluminum offset umbrella. Offering an 11-ft or 12-ft model in champagne or brick red, this pool umbrella withstands the elements with its water-resistant, fade-resistant polyester fabric with added UV-protective coating. It opens and closes with a crank mechanism, and an auto-lock system enables the umbrella to be adjusted to almost vertical. The canopy also includes an air vent.

A base is included with this umbrella (packed and shipped separately) and comes with extendable metal reinforcement bars with adjusting leveller to help it be stable on uneven ground. It also features hidden wheels under it so that it can be moved around. That said, the base must be filled with water and/or sand for stability and safe use, and when filled, it becomes heavy and difficult to move, even with wheels. The umbrella hangs freely on a pivot so it sways and wiggles quite a lot in winds, but it won’t tip over provided you fill the base adequately.

Whilst the umbrella can be tilted to an impressive angle, rotation is a challenging task—you need to move the base to change the direction in which the umbrella is facing. Again, this is difficult due to the weight of the base.

Our Verdict:

If you’re looking for style and don’t mind paying extra, this beautifully designed pool deck umbrella is sure to wow everyone and transform your deck with that ‘holiday’ feel.


  • 11/12-ft cantilever offset hanging round umbrella (9’ height)
  • Polyester canopy
  • Rust-resistant aluminum pole and ribs
  • Crank mechanism to open and close
  • Auto-lock system to adjust angle
  • Vented canopy for airflow
  • Base with hidden wheels
Outdoor pool umbrella Grand Patio’s Deluxe Napoli


  • Sun and water-resistant
  • Shades large area
  • Aesthetic design
  • Base included with umbrella
  • Comes with 1-year warranty


  • Difficult to assemble due to weight
  • No Velcro or tie strap to keep it closed
  • Heavy to move around
  • Expensive

Best Choice 10ft Round – Solar Cantilever Pool Umbrella Under $200

The 360-degree LED cantilever patio umbrella by Best Choice Products offers the best of both worlds when it comes to weather cover and lighting. This 10-ft pool umbrella is crafted with polyester fabric, rust-resistant and scratch-resistant aluminum pole, wind vent and a fabric cover to protect it from the elements when not in use. Its major feature is its solar-powered lights, with built-in LED lights along each rib together with a center light. The lights set a comfortable ambience, allowing the umbrella to be enjoyed in the evenings without attracting unwanted insects.

The umbrella goes up and down smoothly with a gliding handle on the pole, with 5 tilt settings available to block the sun at various angles. We particularly love the foot pedal feature located at the base; you step on the foot pedal and turn the umbrella with your hands, and it enables 360-degree rotation.

The offset design and smaller wind vent lead it to move around in the wind, and we note a little rain can come through the canopy. We wish the handle and slider parts were made of aluminum instead of plastic for maximum longevity, but they feel sturdy. Although a cross base is included with the umbrella, a weighted base is essential to be used with it, as otherwise the umbrella will not stay upright when extended. The weighted base isn’t included but available as a separate option

Our Verdict:

For those who are looking for a great-looking pool deck umbrella that lights up your evening and provides a soft atmosphere without having to worry about extra lighting and wiring, this is a great option.


  • 10-ft cantilever offset hanging umbrella (8.4’ height)
  • 35 built-in, solar-powered LED lights (5 per rib) and center light
  • Gliding pole handle to adjust angle
  • Rust-resistant aluminum pole
  • Vented canopy for airflow
  • Comes with fabric cover
best patio pool umbrella


  • No need to buy separate lighting
  • Rotates 360 degrees with foot pedal
  • Cross stand included


  • Less sturdy frame
  • Not completely rain-resistant
  • Prone to fading
  • Base stand not included

Pool Umbrella – Specialty

Best Tropical Tiki Pool Deck Umbrella

Impact Canopy’s Hawaiian tiki umbrella may very well be the most fun-looking umbrella we’ve seen. This easy-to-open pool umbrella measures 8 feet in diameter and is comprised of a steel frame that’s made to look like natural wood. Eco-friendly polyester is used to give a straw-like appearance and a distinct Hawaiian feel. In addition to being able to set it up in a standard umbrella base, it also comes with a screw end that can be used in the sand at the beach, although ideally it should be used with a heavy base to support its weight.

The structure is basic and minimal, which on one hand makes it a breeze to use, but on the other hand, it means it’s less sturdy than other umbrellas. The lack of an air vent at the top of this umbrella means it’s particularly vulnerable to wind if left out in the elements. The frame has a habit of moving around when the umbrella is opened and closed, so some manual adjustment is needed each time to realign the spokes.

Understandably, this umbrella is more of a decorative piece compared with the other umbrellas in this guide, but a little extra care can see it lasting just as long and keeping you entertained.

Our Verdict:

This pool deck umbrella oozes tropical charm and makes you feel like you’re on vacation. You’ll have a lot of fun on your deck with this decorative piece—or even at the beach.


  • 8-ft Hawaiian hut umbrella (7.8’ height)
  • Eco-friendly polyester material
  • Steel frame with wood-like look
  • Adjustable tilt angles
  • Comes with auger tip for screwing into sand or ground
  • Comes with clear poly storage bag
Best Tropical Tiki Pool Deck Umbrella


  • Very easy to set up
  • Livens any outdoor pool space


  • Minimal structural support
  • No crank handle to assist with adjusting height
  • No air vent; not wind resistant

What To Consider When Buying A Pool Umbrella

As you can see, buying a pool deck umbrella requires some degree of research and thought into what you want and need from an outdoor umbrella.


As a start, the canopy should be waterproof to allow water to run off without a problem. Polyester material is the most commonly used material for this purpose, which blocks out the sun and prevents molding and fading caused by heavy rainfall. All of the pool umbrellas in our guide are constructed of polyester, although we note Impact Canopy’s Hawaiian Tiki Umbrella isn’t a fabric canopy but a straw-like feature made of polyester. Thicker fabrics offer better rain cover and keep you dry underneath, as is the case with the Abba Patio, Sunnyglade and Blissun  market umbrellas and Grand Patio deluxe cantilever umbrella.

Another factor to consider is the size of the canopy. As a rough guide, a pool umbrella measuring 9-feet in diameter will generally fit two pool lounge chairs. The larger the diameter, the larger shade area it provides, but it can be more difficult to set up and use.

Heavy-duty and UV-treated fabrics will last longer in exposed sun and heat and be less prone to colorfade. The Abba Patio, Grand Patio and Impact Canopy umbrellas perform best under these conditions. A wind vent at the top of the canopy is key to ensuring the wind and heat in and around the umbrella can move through freely, allowing it to remain grounded and stable in windy weather. All of the umbrellas we’ve listed have this feature except for the Tiki Umbrella. Whilst it’s handy to know an umbrella can hold up in sun, strong wind or rain, we always advise to close it and/or put it away when it’s not in use, both for safety reasons and to maintain the life of your umbrella.

pool deck umbrella


You’ll also need to take into account the structural design of the pool deck umbrella. An offset/cantilever umbrella’s pole stands off to the side, allowing you to complete the pool area look without a pole in the way, and both the Grand Patio and Best Choice Product umbrellas utilise this design. Their aesthetic design typically comes with a higher price tag, however, so if you’re on a budget, market umbrellas offer a more basic and cheaper design, as is the case with those offered by Abba Patio, Sunnyglade and Blissun.

The frame should be rust-resistant, and we’re pleased to note that all the listed umbrellas in our guide were composed of aluminium or steel with plastic components in some cases, all of which are naturally resistant to rust.


Different pool umbrellas utilise different mechanisms to height adjustment, tilt and rotation, which allow you to stay undercover from different angles as the sun moves through the day. The Abba Patio  Sunnyglade, Blissun and Grand Patio umbrellas have a crank mechanism that’s easy to use as you simply turn the crank to reach the desired height. All six of our listed umbrellas have the tilt option, and notably Best Choice Product’s solar umbrella additionally offered 360-degree rotation with the foot pedal. Whilst Grand Patio’s deluxe umbrella has a wheeled base that can be moved to rotate it, although not without difficulty due to its heaviness.

types of umbrella


Pool umbrellas can be heavy, so it’s crucial to use a weighted base stand to keep it from toppling over. The deluxe umbrella by Grand Patio is the only umbrella in our guide that comes with a base; all the other products require you to purchase a base separately.  To maintain your umbrella it is also recommended that all pool deck umbrellas be closed when not in use and an umbrella cover is an ideal extra to increase the longevity of the canopoy. 

If we had to choose our favourite pool umbrella out of the products we’ve covered here, our top pick would have to be the Patio Umbrella by Abba Patio. It comes highly rated not only by us but by hundreds of buyers, who agree that it comes with all the essential features and holds very well under all kinds of weather conditions. We couldn’t find any issues or weaknesses with it, other than the fact that it doesn’t come shipped with a base stand. With that said, we encourage you to consider what your preferences are when it comes to buying the right pool deck umbrella for you.

Whatever pool umbrella you choose to go with, you’ll be sure to get the most out of the sunshine with it and extend your lounging time by the poolside.

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